Jake Paul is reportedly interested in taking on controversial kickboxer and viral TikTok star Andrew Tate.

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The 25-yr-old has yet to fight in his 2022 & is likely to find another opponent later this year. One of his potential opponents is Tate, who claims he lost just 9 in his 87 fights.

'The Top G' became a social media sensation after sharing photos of his sophisticated lifestyle and worldview.

YouTuber and "Drama Alert" host KEEMSTAR claims Paul is "targeting" a fight with Tate in the future.

A close friend of Paul's, Jereon Love, believes that a fight is inevitable due to the amount of interest involved.

"No matter what happens, if Andrew and Jake fight, they're going to throw in insane numbers," he explained. "They will, guaranteed. What makes sense makes money."

Tate previously called Paul and said she was "depressed to get a reality check" after teasing UFC star Conor McGregor in 2021.

The 35-yr-old offered Paul $3 million for a sanctioned bout, but then withdrew it. "At the time, I thought Jake Paul was just disrespecting the fighter as a whole

Tate spoke in a recent episode of the Send Full  podcast. Paul seems to take his boxing career very seriously.

"Because fighting is a really tough life,"

"He's practically a boxer, so I'm not mad at him anymore, and he uses provocative marketing to get as much attention as possible to make as much money as possible."

Paul is now 5-0 as a fighter and has World Cup ambitions. To this day, he has victories against his fellow athlete AnEsonGib, 

former NBA points his guard Nate his Robinson, UFC alum Ben He Askren, former welterweight champion Tyrone his Woodley.

World Boxing Chairman Mauricio Slaiman said a win over Rahman Jr. would have helped Paul boost his WBC cruiserweight rankings.