(i) Choose a card for your needs: 

To get the most out of the card, you must first analyze the benefits you seek and your spending habits.

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For example, if you are a frequent traveler, a travel credit card is a good choice, however, if you are a frequent shopper, you should have shopping credit card or shopping card 

You may also consider using a multi-credit card or multiple credit cards to enjoy different lifestyle benefits. 

 (ii) Compare credit cards: 

After analyzing the type of benefits you are looking for and choosing the type of card, you should choose and compare the cards before receiving

Eg, if you're looking to get fuel spending benefits, you'll need to compare two fuel cards based on  the benefits they offer, fees & even the brands to which they are associated.

For this, you can rely on marketplaces that can help you compare and apply for credit cards online, as getting information about cards and credit card providers is easy.

(iii)  Know Fees and Charges:

Generally, credit cardholders consider annual fees and membership fees as important factors in choosing a card.

it should be noted  that a zero annual fee card is not necessarily good, on the contrary, a high annual fee card will bring many benefits.

The best credit card for you is the one that  benefits by streamlining fees and charges and also matching your spending habits.

(iv) Read MITC details: 

Credit card users often go through  MITC to check important fees and details, such as annual fees, membership fees, finance fees, etc. 

MITC contains information beyond these fees that can help you better understand your card. You need to check if your card is a free lifetime  credit card,

Knowing these details can help you use your card better, for Eg, if you know when your rewards expire, you can avoid forfeiting your rewards & redeem them before they expire.

 (vi) Avoiding "Minimum Payment Due" Payment:

When it comes to paying credit card bills, credit card issuers allow payment of the full amount due or the maximum amount minimum  due.

 It's one of the most common credit card myths that you can only pay  the minimum amount due and still use your card without any financial consequences

However, the reality is that you still have to pay all your credit card fees. When the minimum payment is due, you will not only be charged interest on the remaining balance owed,

 (vii) Keep track of current credit card offers: 

Credit card issuers often offer, in conjunction with well-known merchants & brands, discounts, vouchers, refunds, & discounts.

To maximize the benefits of your credit card, you should keep an eye on the current offer on the card as well as its limits and expiration dates.


Every credit card has benefit , which can only be used when you act wisely & thoughtfully, use the card responsibly according to your financial capabilities & needs.